Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of a Medical Emergency during Isaias, please dial 911.
What are my communication tools to report a Maintenance Emergency during the storm?
  • Option 1: Call (877) 509-2424 to initiate a service request.
  • Option 2: We encourage all residents to send their request to Rent Café app or on the resident portal. Please include images exhibiting damage cited for workorder.

If my home is damaged during storm, what procedures do I follow during storm?
Please report all damage related to Isaias to AMCC through one of the following avenues. As we progress in making repairs and recovering from the storm, we will update residents on progress. If you have these issues, please follow the protocol to connect with the most effective way to communicate your home issues.
  • Roof Leaks/Any Water Intrusion
  • Ceiling Destruction (Room by Room)
  • Flooding (Room by Room)
  • Inventory of External Home Damage:
    • Identify potential hazards around your home. Hanging tree branches, loose shingles, patio furniture and other outdoor objects can cause damage or injuries in a storm.
    • Please use this check list we have provided you to provide our team and contractors the most up to date information on your home and the post Isaias Storm Damage.  Check List 
    • AMCC Resident Hurricane Dorian Storm Check List

NOTE: If you have not given us a ‘Permission to Enter’ and you have an emergency maintenance request, please click ‘Yes’ when reporting damage online so that we may retrieve your online request and respond quicker.
What are my communication tools to report a Weather Emergency after Isaias?
  • Option 1: Call (877) 509-2424 to initiate a service request.
  • Option 2: We encourage all residents to send their request through the Rent Café app or the resident portal. Please include images exhibiting damage cited for workorder.
  • Option 3: We encourage residents to follow our AMCC Facebook Page. Please private message AMCC with any requests, concerns, updates to your neighborhood or other helpful tips for our team. (
  • Additional Sources:
What does AMCC do after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias?
Once AMCC is back onsite we will communicate with the appropriate community centers for reporting of post Isaias damage. AMCC continues to partner and coordinate recovery efforts with our on the ground team and contractors. We have secured additional resources to supplement our staff during this recovery period. We have a post storm plan in place to help with our recovery efforts. We are prioritizing our efforts for recovery as follows: 1) Life and safety, 2) access in and out of our neighborhoods and 3) mitigation of common areas. ***
What is being done to restore power in my community?
Please note Public Works crews are working around the clock to restore power within our AMCC housing communities. Because of Isaias, you may experience intermittent power interruptions in the coming days and weeks. To prepare for restoring power that may surge, be sure to turn off or unplug items not in use. Please continue to keep a close eye for text and emails,  on AMCC Facebook page and your installation Facebook page for updates on power restoration. ** Please Note: that some of our AMCC properties are Duke Energy.
What about any personal items that may have been damaged?
All damages to your personal items related to Isaias should be reported directly to your renter’s insurance company. AMCC will cover any damage to your home, but not to your personal items. This also includes any food loss due to power outages, as AMCC does not cover this type of loss.
Will AMCC allow me to relocate to another AMCC home if my home is damaged?
AMCC will assist residents in finding alternative housing on a case by case basis, as deemed necessary. Your property management staff may not be able to immediately take requests for updates regarding a specific property or unit until we are able to resume normal business hours. However, managers will proactively communicate directly with residents regarding damages at each of our communities as they are able to access and check properties.
It is imperative that we communicate priority lists are being made for residents whose homes are uninhabitable due to damage related to Isaias. In the event your home is deemed unsuitable for living in, AMCC will work with you on a case-by-case basis to arrange accommodations for you and your family.
I was scheduled to PCS, but my move has been delayed. Can I remain in my home until the movers are able to accommodate me?
Yes, you may remain in your home if your move is delayed. Please keep AMCC informed of any changes to your move-out as planned.
What should I do with my trash and my green yard waste after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias?
You may re-locate your green yard waste to the curb or roadside where you would normally place your trash & recycling containers. Trash & recycling service has not yet resumed, but we will keep you updated as services return.
Will I be reimbursed for rent while I was out of my home for  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias?
AMCC will not reimburse residents their rent during the storm, whether you chose to evacuate or remain in your home. However, if your home was damaged due to Isaias, and AMCC deems your home is now uninhabitable as determined by AMCC, your rent will be prorated from the day Isaias affected our area.
What if I want to break my lease and move-out after Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias?
If you decide to relocate from your AMCC home within 30-days of the initiation of Isaias. AMCC will review your request on a case by case basis.
If I want to move-out, and cannot give a 30-day notice, will I be charged?
If you need to relocate out of AMCC housing, within 30-days of the initiation of Isaias, AMCC will review your request on a case by case basis.
What if I was scheduled to move-in to an AMCC North Carolina community when  Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias hit? What do I need to do to reschedule my move-in?
We are in the process of contacting all residents who are moving into AMCC. We will notify you if there will be any additional changes or delays to your move-in.
How will AMCC communicate with my family?
AMCC utilizes text and email messaging  Rent Café, Facebook, and our community center after Isaias. We will also continue to publish FAQs as they continue to evolve.
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